About Us

Family owned and operated since 2005, Rudd's Town and Country felt like they were in a great location and saw an opportunity to develop a business they were familiar and knowledgeable with. Eager to expand and extend expertise, product lines, and community involvement, we've created a growing business where people can feel free to drop in for help and advice. Rudd's prides themselves on really great customer service. 

Rudd’s Town & Country carries a full line of hardware, clothing, footwear, and lawn care products. We have been in the crop care business for many years, providing area farmers with all their seed, fertilizer, and spraying needs.  In November 2006, we became the IBA Dairy Supply Distributor for Upstate NY.  We now carry everything needed to get milk from the cow to the tank. Rudd’s has 'something' for everyone.

Rudd’s Town & Country carries a wide variety of pet foods that will fit the need of any dog, cat or other small pet. We have dog kennels to keep your dog safe and secure outdoors and toys to keep them entertained.

You’ll find a variety of wood pellets here from 100% hardwood, 100% softwood, and blend which is 70% hardwood 30% softwood. We also carry wood stoves, wood pellet stoves, wood/coal circulators, and can special order wood furnaces. Rudd’s has the US Stove 6500 multi-fuel furnace on demo in our store. We even grow our own corn, which sells in the store to burn in these multi-fuel stoves for great prices.

Rudd's Town and Country has the largest selection of work boots in upstate NY. You'll find Red Wing, Wolverine, Lacrosse, Georgia, Rocky, Carolina, and Bates work boots here. In addition to men's styles, we have a large selection of ladies' and children's boots. If you need a specific style or size, or just can't find what you are looking for, we can special order those boots for you! We also carry workwear that you'll want to check out -- from pants and jackets to socks and hats.